The Miralago Camping is located in Dongo, in the enchanting landscape of Valle Albano, and it overlooks directly the shore of the northern Como lake. It can boast a working tradition that rooted back in the 1958 and so it can be considered one of the first campsites in this area. The careful management and the beauties of nature, in which the Miralago Camping stands, are the peculiarities of this essentially equipped campsite. The pleasant homely atmosphere, combined with the lake's peacefulness, makes the campsite warm and comfortable for a quietful vacation.

Located in Tremezzo, is famous for the art collections housed inside and for the vast botanical garden.

Rebuild in the early 1700's on the existing site of a 12th century plebeian church, it is one of the oldest in the diocese of Como. In the imposing interior there are 17th century frescos by Carlo Scotti and Giulio Quaglio, a 15th century baptism font, precious chancels from the 16th century and impressive plaster statues of the late 1700's by Stefano Salterio.

Roman church built between the 11th and the 12th century, partially restored at the beginning of this century (bell tower and apse). The typical cabin shaped fašade and the ancient portal on the left side surmounted by a rough lion are of interest. The interior is bare but very impressive. On the walls there are framed and incomplete frescos by Gian Mauro della Rovere, called the Fiammenghino (16th century).

Built between 1820 and 1830, it was donated to the town by Giuseppina Manzi in 1937 and is now the town hall. Of particular interest: the 'Golden Room' in perfect neoclassic style with frescos by Lavelli; the 'Library' with over 4.000 books of the Manzi Fundation and the 'Immaculate Chapel' complete with frescos.